3d Printing A Handle For a Prostate Massager

First version and while not pretty and it’s sizing angles being a bit off it’s quite functional. I will design and print a second one eventually that hinges at the bottom and has the two halves interlock when they come together. Then I’ll only use one screw or an integrated clip mechanism to hold the top of the handle together.

In the never ending search for the perfect orgasm, modern technology is always your friend. In this case, a 3D printer comes to the rescue, not as a device to create a new dildo, but rather, creating a handle to allow for the perfect usage.

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Been trying to achieve a P-spot orgasm for a while. Still haven’t succeeded , but one session with this is the closest I’ve come though. Bought a Nexus Revo 2 after buying this that I’ve stripped the gears on. The problem with this was keeping the bend in the right orientation and my wrist tiring from the angle required to work it effectively. Not any reasonably priced toys with a handle nicely designed for this so having a 3D printer I decided to make my own that solves both issues. Free roll of PLA that came with my printer. 200C, 65C bed, 0.32mm layer height, 0.4mm nozzle, 60mm/s, 4 shells, 30% triangle infill.


I need to figure out the correct dimensions to model to yet. The section that holds the vibrator is slightly to small. But the taper of the larger diameter and the two nubs that fit into notches cut on the one lip of the vibrator hold it very solidly, the handle doesn’t move on the vibrator at all. The biggest issue was the holes for the screws and nut captures being slightly too small. I accidentally drilled out the bottom of one enlarging it to fit the screw head. Also had one screw cross thread in the middle some how on the nut when it was half way sucked down. Had to cut the screw in half to get it out.

your first thought might be that this person needs to vapor smooth this or cast it, but since it is only a handle, there shouldn’t be much of an issue with bacteria. Then again, better safe than sorry right?