Arduino Shield For Vibrators Gives You Ultimate Control


We’ve already established that you can 3D print any number of sex toys for both men and women. The variety in shape you can attain is endless. However, for interactivity, we’re typically limited a preset configuration of vibrations.

The Pen15 board is an arduino lshield that is designed to help you take control over your good vibrations. In short, it helps you connect and control vibrator motors with your arduino.

Designed by the folks at Metafetish (previously slashdong), this board comes in 4 varieties.

  • $10 Unassembled Kit w/o Vibrator
  • $15 Assembled Kit w/o Vibrator
  • $15 Unassembled Kit w/ Vibrator
  • $20 Assembled Kit w/ Vibrator

You can order your own here.



You can read more about the ideas behind this board and what they hope to accomplish on Metafetish. Though the project is several years old now, vibrators and arduinos really haven’t changed that much!

The Pen15 board isn’t about money or marketing, it’s about getting open source, cheap sex tech into the hands of as many people as possible. Ok, and slightly about putting more pictures of genetalia on circuit boards. BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME.