Body Interaction: The Arduino Based Sex Toy Kit

Simply customizing the shape of a vibrator just isn’t enough for some people. Those people want to be able to customize the actual behavior of a vibrator. Even the most expensive store bought ones just have a few various modes and patterns. This little kit is Arduino based, meaning that you can program in all the patterns you want as well as add some interactivity. You can have your own little arduino sex toy!

img_6051How about a vibrator that changes its strength and speed based on your heart rate? In theory, this one could do that! They have wireless connectivity too, so you could control it remotely.

The group called Body Interaction are developing this little kit. It is a tiny custom board that, together with a lipo battery and integrated USB charging circuit, allows you to customize to your hearts desire!

As you can see, they boards are pretty tiny, so you can fit them in whatever you want.



  • Atmel Attiny84 (8kbyte)
  • LiPo charger (via USB)
  • LiPo battery
  • vibration motor (PWM controlled)
  • BMA020 accelerometer
  • two additional I/O ports
  • ISP interface (2×3 pole header) for programming
  • RFM12B (915 or 868 Mhz)
  • approx.  22×35 mm 20x36mm
  • open source hardware