Booze Blocks: Laser Etched Jenga Drinking Game

TyO2uhjHave you ever gotten bored with a game and came up with your own new way to play it that is much more amusing… and got you really drunk? That may be the origin of this interesting take on Jenga; a drinking game called Booze Blocks.

As you pull each piece out of the stack, there is something on it. You look up that thing in the chart to see what your action is going to be. This is mostly a drinking game, but there are a few other little tidbits sprinkled in, like having to post a sexy pic to someone in your contacts that isn’t also present at the game and isn’t your significant other.



He says he was inspired by this much easier DIY Jenga drinking game, simply called “Drunk Jenga” that was posted a while back, where the items are simply drawn on the Jenga blocks. You can imagine that this might not be an uncommon sight out in the world of drinking games.

This particularly nice set was made by Radique of he was kind enough to post up a bunch of shots of the construction to Imgur. Here are a few selections of the process.

This version is Laser cut and assembled and I’m guessing that if you asked really nicely he might make another to sell you. Then again, he might be too wasted.

Oh yeah, he also posted a picture of Tim, the office cat.