Bring Arduino To Your Bedroom With The Master Beta Shield

orgasmatronics nsfw diy arduinoYesterday I talked a bit about an Arduino shield that gave you control over your sex toys. A tip on twitter clued me in to the latest and greatest in the field. Funded at 200% via crowd funding, this arduino sex toy kit boasts a full set of tutorials to get you going.

The folks at Orgasmatronics seem to be open to ideas of expanding beyond just vibration. They mention controlling a flame thrower at one point, though we don’t get to see that in action, sadly. Other quick ideas would be to control the lights in your room to match the intensity of the vibration, or to vary the BPM of the music playing on a computer. There are all kinds of possibilities that open up when you’re using an arduino as your base. Don’t limit yourself to vibrations, go nuts!

The Master Beta kit from orgasmatronics is just arduino sheild, though much newer than the Pen15 from yesterday. The popularity of this kit shows as it is currently on backorder.

While the whole kit is sold out, you can get the shield on its own here.

The original project, the Hack Off is worth mentioning purely for its name. It is outdated now, and they suggest you go with the Master Beta kit, but I just couldn’t rest without at least pointing out their clever naming schemes.

They also sell an assortment of attachments, but if you had the width of that vibrator module you could absolutely 3D print and cast/mold your own custom designs.