Delightful Handmade Vitriol Embroidery

IMG_2442 (Medium)

Sometimes a bit of vitriol is as refreshing as a cool breeze on a hot day. When you’re in the hustle and bustle of World Maker Faire in New York, things can begin to feel hectic and overwhelming. A simple message like “Be Nice Asshole” can be enough to ground you, to bring you back to that place where you remember that you’re just a person, surrounded by other “just people”.

So hey, be nice asshole. And by the way, fuck you. 🙂

The artist who made these simple and wonderful bits of vitriol embroidery is Oh Jamie Elizabeth and you can find many more fun pieces in her etsy store.  Go there and enjoy (though you’ll have to wait till she comes back online after Maker Faire). If you can’t get enough there, check out #ohjamieelizabeth on instagram where you’ll find all the abuse or empowering stitches you’re after.


IMG_2443 (Medium) IMG_2447 (Medium) IMG_2448 (Medium) IMG_2449 (Medium) IMG_2450 (Medium) IMG_2451 (Medium) IMG_2453 (Medium) IMG_2454 (Medium) FUCK YOU EMBROIDERY