How To Give Barbie Perfect Nipples

nipples_finalFor many of us, Barbie’s featureless, smooth, and way too skinny body is a bit creepy.  Adding nipples to your barbie may sound a bit crazy at first, but really they seem so natural in practice. Lavonne Sallee is an artist who uses Barbie as her medium. Here’s her explanation as to why she chose to add nipples:

These days, the pieces I make are usually bare chested so that I can give them nipples. Poor Barbie. How can she carry on her race if she has no nipples? Now when I create a piece, they seem more alive and Barbie tells me she is much happier as she feels “normal” with her beautiful nipples.

With nipples being a subject that is on the minds of many people right now, this seems like a perfect tutorial to share to support #freethenipple.

Sallee has shared her methods so you can also recreate this at home.

nipples_finalhowtoHere’s the list of needed supplies from her website. For the full instructions, you should go read her tutorial.

  • Barbie doll (naked)
  • Pencil with eraser on the end – does not have to be a new pencil or eraser, but the surface of the eraser must be even and flat
  • Acrylic paint in one or two colors that are similar to your Barbie doll’s skin tone – for this tutorial I am using Delta Ceramcoat paint (available at your local craft supply store) in Medium Flesh and Autumn Brown colors. One color works fine, but two colors can look more natural.
  • Varnish (again I use Ceramcoat) in your choice of Satin, Gloss, or Matte finishes. Any of these finishes will work and I decide which to use based on the barbie project.
  • Fine tip paint brush that is new or very clean, with flat or rounded handle-end tip. If the tip of the handle is pointed, it won’t work very well.