The International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots is Coming, And They Want You To Hack Sex Toys


This December you need to get your ass to London for the 2nd annual International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots.

Within the fields of Human-Computer Interaction and Human-Robot Interaction, the past few years have witnessed a strong upsurge of interest in the more personal aspects of human relationships with these artificial partners. This upsurge has not only been apparent amongst the general public, as evidenced by an increase in coverage in the print media, TV documentaries and feature films, but also within the academic community.

The International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots provides an excellent opportunity for academics and industry professionals to present and discuss their innovative work and ideas in an academic symposium. The second international congress is inviting the submission of full papers and short papers to its symposium to be held in the city of London.

The even takes place on the 19-20th of December and registration is currently open.


Immediately before the event, they’re hosting a sex tech hackathon.

This hackathon is being run in the two days prior to The Second International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots – and will unite developers, designers, psychologists and more in building prototype hardware, interfaces and apps.

The aim of the 24 hour hackathon is to explore and innovate in the area of sex tech, working on the themes of intimacy, companionship and sexuality, as well as the challenges of hardware, interfaces and apps.

The hackathon is deliberately cross-disciplinary and will be attended by a wide range of experts and enthusiasts: developers (hardware and software), psychologists, designers, philosophers, artists, sex writers, nanomaterial scientists, and musicians.

We want to combine the amazing range of skills and knowledge to improve interaction, push boundaries and revolutionise design.

The hackathon will be fuelled by sex-positive, non-objectifying messaging which is accessible for those of all genders and sexualities. While tickets will be allocated by an application process, it will be completely free to attend. The Hacksmiths team have extensive experience of running highly-successful large-scale hackathons.