Knitted Vagina Mittens Will Keep Your Hands Cozy

clam_006_medium2Proudly display those labia even in the middle of winter with these “Clam Hands”.  Created by Kayla Dyches, the pattern is available on Ravelry for $5. They look cozy enough, I’ll bet snow gets stuck in the folds and gets your hands all wet though.


Before you ask, “WHY?!” Don’t bother, I really don’t know. Because vaginas are fun? Yeah, I’ll go with that. And art. Yeeeah, art and stuff.

If you end up making a pair of your own, she’d probably love to see them. Especially if you add a personal touch to the design.  Dyches notes that she didn’t do a whole lot of research into how to shape the vagina itself. You’re just going to have to experiment with this one and make what you like.