Laughably Lewd Linnens

il_570xN.813064234_a0rzThese delightful pieces of kitchen amusement are made by Etsy artist Jesse Stone. Her shop, called Commie clothes, has a variety of goods, but the most amusing are the “dirty dishtowels”.

The light hearted messagess would fit in any kitchen and bring a smile to the faces of even the most sour visitors. Stone has pulled her inspiration from a wide variety of areas, having lived on communes, worked on farms, and participated in urban co-ops.

Jesse Stone is the creative force behind Commie Clothes, her collection of great threads and functional art. She is also the owner of the two hands that make everything available here! Having lived in hippie communes, on Amish farms, and in urban cooperatives, Jesse brings the culmination of life and culture she’s collected to everything she creates.

Go to her Etsy shop to find the latest creations