Why Not Be a Sex Bot For Halloween?

This gem hails from almost 10 years ago. In 2008, Matt Stultz and his girlfriend (who is now his lovely wife) decided to make a costume of a mad scientist (her) and a sex bot she created(him).  We only get to see him, but he described her as having Einstein’s hair, welding goggles, a lab coat, and a corset.

This sex bot really made a big impact at the party they attended:

“the hostess literally fell to the floor when the switch was first hit”

The switch he mentions was what you see in the video below. Flip the switch and the bot’s “love rocket” thrusts into position. It is actually mounted to the guts of an old computer CD tray!

The toughest part, according to Matt was spray gluing all the tin foil in place. He says:

“It just stuck to everything, including my hands. Spray glue is amazing and frustrating”.

Great job Matt, this is easily the best sex bot I’ve seen all year.