Nothing Says “Fuck You” Like a Giant Stamp

flip stamp

This massive stamp of a hand giving the middle finger is, in my opinion, delightful. It is simple, ridiculous, over sized, and wonderful.


This is the work of The Tampographe Sardon, a French stamp maker.  The stamps are of all sorts, with most of it being of the less vulgar style. There are multi layer pieces of artwork you can buy to leave beatiful impressions, and there are also poignant statements.



You can support the artist by going to their shop and buying one of these beautiful stamps.

To get a better feel for the quality, check out these pictures. These are only a few, selected because they were pretty, so be sure to go look and see what else there is.

Using multiple stamps can yield some really impressive results. Its kind of a no-brainer, I mean, this is exactly how printing presses work, but look at this full color bee!