Sexy Cyborg’s LED “Hikaru” Skirt

Sexy Cyborg wearing her LED skirt

A simple splash of light can really work wonders. This tiny underlit skirt, called Hikaru (roughly means “to shine” according to wikipedia), looks fantastic. Created by SexyCyborg , it uses a generic bluetooth LED controller and a strip of RGB LEDs.

On the subject of using a generic controller, she says

“Black cat, white cat, if it catches mice it is a good cat” as we say.

I think that is a pretty good piece of wisdom.

Version 1, shown at the top had a bit of a bulky enclosure to house the battery and electronics. The process for making that version is outlined in this imgur gallery.

She revisited the project to recreate the enclosure to make it much more ergonomic. She did a fantastic job and it looks much more comfortable. You can find the details and the files in this imgur gallery.

This project looks fantastic SexyCyborg, keep up the fantastic work!

Since the RGB LED strip is bluetooth controlled, she can shift the colors of the skirt however she wants and even set up changing patterns!