SexyCyborg Gets Scanned and 3D Printed

XBDPgXvSexyCyborg is back again, this time exploring the world of 3d scanning. She went to a local scanning shop and had a full body scan done. In her typical style, she’s opted to go in a fairly NSFW direction.

The scanning process involves patterns being projected on her. There are several patterns that the system goes through and it can take a little while.During these few seconds she has to stand perfectly still between four columns of cameras.

The scanner takes two seconds so any movement during that time can disrupt it. There are moving bands of light projected onto me, the cameras record the curvature of those bands to determine the contour.

reviewing the scan
reviewing the scan

The resulting scans were far from perfect, with gaps and holes, but that is to be expected.


A little (or a lot) of clean up gets the file ready to be 3d printed. She had the help of some very talented 3d modelers to fix this up to high quality and put her shoes back in (they didn’t scan because they were black).

If you want to see more of the process, you can find an entire gallery of her day at the scanner on Imgur.