The Biggest Repository Of Free 3D Printed Sex Toy Designs

3DildoMakerLove is a group that designs and prints sex toys using a 3D printer. The coolest part is that they are giving away many of their designs. There’s a lot of variety in what they’re offering in terms of shape and size. Many include a cavity for a “bullet” vibrator so that they can have vibrating functionality too .

Aside from just having some nice designs to possibly download and print, they’ve got some great information if you were wanting to design your own. For example, the cavity to hold a bullet vibe should be 18mm in diameter in 60mm in length. That’s a useful tip!


stacks_image_257They also explain two methods (ignore the typos, there are 2 methods there) of finishing your parts to be safe. Though ABS is technically safe to use in contact with the human body, the ridges that are a result of the printing process can host bacteria. In order to make your prints safe to use, you need to either finish them by sanding and applying a silicon coating or by smoothing them with acetone.

By smoothing out the print, you’re making it so that every washing gets it thoroughly clean.

While the acetone bath may work theoretically, I’ve seen too many tiny cracks appear in my prints to recommend it. The silicone coating seems like the best option.

There haven’t been any updates to their site since 2013, but I still suspect that they’re the biggest single repository of 3d printed sex toys.