Update: Casting A Wooden Sex Toy In Latex


Yesterday I posted that fantastic and beautiful hand crafted wooden sex toy. Today, Imgur user Conmuchogusto popped back up and shared the results of making a mold and casting some silicon versions for actual use!



Here’s a shot of the final mold with a final version sitting in it. To see all the steps between go to his Imgur gallery! He shared all the steps and interesting info on each.

some of the captions have several useful bits all at once. For example, I learned what silicon to use and to keep a close eye on how much tint to include

For the first test, I decided to go with smooth on dragon skin 30 : also a platinum cure, skin safe silicone. Using the material estimator, I calculated the volume of the object and used a digital scale to weigh out parts A and B. I also wanted to tint the silicone slightly…. when the package says a little goes a long way, they mean it…. A dime sized drop of tint turned 20oz of silicone jet black