Using a Laser Cutter To Add Hair To Bald Vagina Paintings

This may seem odd and goofy at first, but Koen Fraijman’s project to use lasers to add hair to paintings of vaginas actually makes a lot of sense when you hear it explained.

from the Fraijman’s web site:

Permanent Repilation is a project by Dutch artist Koen Fraijman where vagina’s (painted on wooden panels) undergo a laser procedure. In the one minute video we see a bald vagina being placed in a laser cutting machine, after which the machine carefully starts lasering hair on the vagina.

In the 1960’s it was a trend among woman to remove their eyebrows. Many years later, after the trend has passed, these women still had to redraw eyebrows on a daily basis. Nowadays it is a trend among woman to permanently remove hair from their private parts. In a couple of years, some of these woman might want their full bush back. Though hair removal procedures are advertised as being permanent, Fraijman’s project suggests a new ‘procedure’ to actually bring these hairs back. Although only tested on paintings, the ‘procedure’ takes 10 minutes, after which a full bush will become visible. Fraijman also provides before and after pictures from the ‘procedure’, as can be often seen in advertisements for permanent hair removal and other beauty procedures.

A large amount of people know laser technology from hair removal. In many of his projects, Fraijman uses this laser technology in different but innovative manners. To bridge this knowledge gap, he wanted to create a project which would show people the possibilities of laser technology in art. Thus he decided to use laser technology in the opposite way as it way known from: re-growing hair instead of removing it. Hence the name of the project: Permanent Repilation instead of epilation.