Yes, This is a 3D Printed Butt Plug Fidget Spinner

Just in case you thought you had seen every possible permutation of fidget spinners, Reddit user ASDFjjjj is here to show you something new.


from the reddit post:

One of my best friends requested I made it. It’s been a joke between me and my buddies ever since I got a 3d printer. At my high school, I began selling fidget spinners because they were still a big thing during the time I got my printer. My friend told me I should expand the business and start selling butt plugs too. Jokingly afterwards, I printed the biggest butt plug my print bed could take and brought it to him. Later, we came up with the great idea to make a fidget spinner butt plug and here it is….

Let’s hope that this doesn’t get used till it is coated in latex. Remember, 3D prints are NOT body safe.